June 2005 Meeting

Arbortext: Overview and Product Roadmap

Local Arbortext representative Bob Wass will present an overview of Arbortext’s product line and the roadmap for the company’s future development plans. Arbortext will be making significant announcements at their annual user group meeting (AUGI) in mid-May, so their appearance at the June 8 meeting will be a timely opportunity to hear first-hand the company’s plans for the months ahead. For those unfamiliar with the Arbortext product suite, this presentation will also help set the context for the case study that follows.

SAP: Using XML to Create Custom Course Materials

SAP Education is currently the third largest IT training organization in the world, with 77 training centers in 48 countries. The Global Master Curriculum produced by SAP Education covers all SAP solutions and includes over 250 courses spanning the full software lifecycle.  Four years ago, using Arbortext tools, SAP Education implemented a new XML-based architecture to create the course materials in the GMC. Following that success, SAP built the “Education Content Customizer” (ECC), an application that gives SAP subsidiaries a Web-based user interface to access, assemble, customize, and publish SAP Education course material. ECC uses the Arbortext Enterprise E-Content Engine (E3), Arbortext Contributor, SAP Education data models and style sheets, and custom application code.






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