March 2006 Meeting

Topic Maps

There's been lots of buzz about Topic Maps in the XML community, and our March 8 meeting will provide you with a unique opportunity to learn what Topic Maps are and their real world applications in publishing.  We have not one but two Topic Map experts lined up with presentations that will make this an especially informative and enjoyable meeting:
  • Michel Biezunski: "Topic Mapping: An inventor's perspective. History, Present and Future. Illustrated with TaxMap, a Topic Map implementation at the IRS" 
    Michel Biezunski is an internationally recognized expert in the field of information management. He has invented and promoted new ways of finding information, accelerating access to information which is really needed, and helping organize vast corpora of information assets. His working experience covers various domains, including the publishing, finance, healthcare, and media industries, and governmental agencies.

    Michel's focus is in the area of semantic integration, auditable information systems, XML/SGML Applications, navigation models within complex information sets, and hyperlink-based models. He participated in the development of the HyTime standard, and is recognized as the inventor of the Topic Maps standards, together with
    Steven R. Newcomb. He has written many articles and developed and conducted numerous workshops (often in collaboration with Steve Newcomb) centered on these new technologies. Michel is now working on innovative solutions for auditability and integration of information systems. 
  • Roger Sperberg: "Implementing Topic Maps -- Automatic discovery of metadata plus topic map engine equals next-generation publishing"
    Roger Sperberg is an electronic publishing consultant currently working with WoltersKluwer’s LTBNA group. He was formerly manager of electronic publishing systems at Aspen Publishers, a legal publisher which is publishing an increasing number of its books direct from XML. Prior to that he was director of content services for The Ballantine Publishing Group at Random House. The author of many web articles and co-author of a multimedia text, he is the author of the for.eWords column at eBookWeb.






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