Past Presentations

Thank you to ALL past speakers for their time, and for contributing their slides for presentation below.

Date Topic - Speaker Documents
October 11, 2006 David Stabb of Techbooks and David Murphy of Wolters-Kluwer Health present their take on Authoring Systems. David Stabb's slides

David Murphy's slides

June 14, 2006 Dale Waldt on "The Extensibility Manifesto" Dale Waldt's slides
March 8, 2006 Topic Maps, featuring Michel Biezunski and Roger Sperberg Michel Biezunski's slides

Roger Sperberg's slides


Dec. 14, 2005 Priscilla Walmsley on "Next Generation Query and Transormation Standards"

Industry expert, Priscilla Walmsley will discuss what XQuery is for and how it compares to XSLT 2.0. We'll also learn what's new in XSLT 2.0.

Mark [up] your calendar!
Priscilla Walmsley's Presentation
Oct. 12, 2005 Gary Cosimini, Adobe's Business Development Director, Creative Professional Solutions

Best Kept Secrets: Adobe Support for XML

How could the the world's largest desktop publishing software provider do such a poor job communicating its support of XML to the world? Because it's hard. The XML toolset and the benefits it bring still elude the mainstream publishing audience. Hear what Adobe's inside XML evangelists are doing to help broaden the applications of XML within Adobe's products while their engineers continue to add features that are just becoming known.


Gary Cosimini's Presentation
Sept. 14, 2005 Mark Logic - Unlock your Content

What's an XML content server?

Today's content comes in many formats, styles, and schemas. If you need to convert, query, manipulate, and render content for custom publishing, search and discovery, customer portals, or content syndication you need an XML content server. Join us as we welcome Mark Logic and learn about Mark Logic Server 3.0.

MarkLogic PPT Presentation
July 13, 2005 Mulberry Technologies -- Introduction to XML Schema Languages

Since the XML specification came out in 1998, one of the most controversial issues has been the design and application of XML constraint specification languages, also called schema languages. Deborah A. Lapeyre, senior XML consultant and vice president of Mulberry Technologies, Inc., will introduce the major schema languages, show samples of each, and consider their relative merits from the point of view of XML developers and users.

Schema Presentation (PDF)
June 8, 2005  
May 11, 2005 Doug Anderson and Andrew Clubb from Elsevier will speak on Dorland's Medical Dictionary, along with a representative from Progressive. They will talk about working with Vasont and interesting lessons learned from structuring content for a medical dictionary. Dorland's Presentation

Vasont Presenation

March 9, 2005 Joe Gangemi, "The XML/SGML Conundrum" Presentation
February 9, 2005 Betty Harvey, Founder, Washington XML Users Group

What makes an XML User Group successful?

This was the first meeting held by the Philadelphia XML Users Group.